Pop Acta Event

We help political candidates, non-profits, and PACs acquire donors, supporters, promoters and raise funds for their cause.

There’s a way to reach the masses, the right masses. There’s a way to reach them at the right time—when the news hits. And there’s a way to turn that messaging into dollars, so you can do it again to reach even more for your cause. It’s our job to give you the reach.

Who we are

Pop Acta was formed in July of 2021 from the merger of two leading conservative email publishers: American Media Source and The Wintermind Group. Pop Acta’s name is Latin for “Popular Media.” Additionally, “The Acta Populi” (Acta for short) was the first ever newspaper dating back to 59 BC.

Just as The Acta Diurna changed global communication thousands of years ago, Pop Acta is doing the same today in a digital era. We primarily exist to create and uncover highly targeted and curated audiences for our many customers and clients.

We have helped many of our clients raise millions of dollars, acquire thousands of donors, and expand their reach for Political Candidates, PACs, Non-Profits. Like every good company we have grown and expanded to offer more for our clients. We offer Email, Text, Direct Mail, Display and more.

In addition, Pop Acta owns and operates many news publications addressing every topic for the modern-day conservative agenda free from liberal bias. We connect our audiences to unique and timely content that is leading on the cutting edge of digital news outlets. We publish the very best content right at your fingertips.