Pop Acta, one of the nation’s largest digital publishing networks, was created from the merger of Wintermind and American Media Source.

Informed and politically active Americans are central to our Republic – and we provide the information and insights our readers demand.

More than ever before, bias, corruption and censorship have eroded Americans’ trust in politicians, media, and in the conversations they can see or participate in on social media. Americans need facts, and they need insight – otherwise they cannot make the rational choices required to uphold the ideals we hold dear. We circumvent the bias and corruption that has invaded the media – by communicating directly with Americans.

We fight against fake news to ensure that our readers have a chance to see the news that matters — news that impacts their lives directly.

We also ensure that Americans who care about specific issues can receive offers, news, information, and calls to action on the topics they care most about.

We partner with brands and content producers that have a solid track record for meaningful and insightful reportage.

Our role is to provide information, as well as the means and access to act on that information.